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Image by Johannes Plenio


What do we do in the experience?

Clients call the experience 'Edu-tainment' because it is not a boring lecture, but rather guests have fun operating the telescope, while learning a few things about the universe. They will take fun photos with our mini-moon, and make fun of Uranus. Having done over 50 bookings in 3 years, we have a refined programme for a session so you don't need to worry if your guests will enjoy it or not - we will take care of that.

What equipment do you bring?

When you book us we bring a Celestron Nextstar 8SE telescope, a high power laser, a moon lamp and other fancy equipment. The value of all the equipment you'll get to use is R60,000., and it is insured.

What will we see?

What you will see depends on the day of the year but clients commonly see the following. The nature of astronomy is that can't guarantee what we'll see but we've never had a disappointed client.


Moon's craters

Orion's Nebula

Star clusters


Shooting stars

What is the price for 2 people?

There is no 'per person' price. You can invite as many friends as you like and split the cost. But we recommend up to 8 for private sessions to let everyone have enough time to look.

What are the payment terms?

100% by EFT to secure the date. Free refund/postponement for any reason eg bad weather if no costs have been incurred (mainly applicable to events).

What time do we start?

In winter we can start at 5pm, in summer we can start at 7:30pm. We confirm with you depending on your booking.

Image by NASA

Any other questions? Just text us

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